Randolph Massachusetts Man Charged With Attempted Murder, Firearm Possession After Shooting In Ashland

John Monteiro of Randolph, Massachusetts has been charged with Carrying a Firearm, Second Offense, Assault With Intent to Commit Murder and related Violent Crimes. Authorities have alleged that Monteiro shot another man outside of an Ashland restaurant. The victim was treated at a local hospital. Monteiro is being held without bail pending a hearing on dangerousness in the Framingham District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Held Without Bail After Shooting Incident In Ashland

The Second Offense Firearm case is going to be difficult for Monteiro to defend absent an affirmative defense such as self-defense. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269 Section 10(d) states that anyone with a prior firearm possession conviction must serve a minimum mandatory five year state prison sentence if convicted of a like offense. Even if Monteiro disposed of the weapon prior to getting arrested the district attorney can prove this case through circumstantial evidence such as the victim’s bullet wound and the recovery of the expended projectile, shell casings and related firearms evidence. If however there are no independent witnesses and the victim decides not testify the prosecutor’s job becomes much more difficult. The article states that this is probably not a random act. If the victim and Monteiro were involved in a dispute involving illicit activities it would not surprise me to see the victim refuse to cooperate with authorities.

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