Quincy Man Charged With Indecent Assault And Battery

Last year a thirty two year old woman was sexually assaulted three times by the same man. On one occasion the man grabbed her while she was walking in Wollaston. On two occasions the man rubbed up against her in an inappropriate and lewd manner while riding on an MBTA train. Just yesterday the woman saw the man at a T station in Quincy, Massachusetts. She immediately contacted the police who arrested the man, later identified as twenty five year old Jose Valasquez of East Boston. Valasquez has been charged with criminal harassment and indecent assault and battery in the Quincy District Court.

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Indecent assault and battery is a felony in Massachusetts. The law defining this offense is Massachusetts General Law Chapter 265 Section 13H. The law states that anyone found guilty of this offense faces a potential five year state prison sentence. To prove this crime the district attorney must show that the defendant engaged in conduct fundamentally offensive to contemporary moral values. The article makes no to the acts that Valasquez purportedly committed.

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