Plymouth County Massachusetts Man Arrested And Charged With Rape And Assault

The Brockton Enterprise reported last week that Terrico Burnett of Middleboro, Massachusetts was arrested in connection with an incident that occurred on Halloween night. According to the article, the alleged victim, an acquaintance of Burnett’s complained of being Raped and Assaulted by the defendant. Nothing further was reported about this matter.

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Rape And Assault Charged Against Middleboro Man

It always amazes me when media outlets report no more than general unspecified allegations about reported criminal activity. In this case the report suggested that Burnett was being held without bail at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility pending his arraignment. I immediately wonder why. The act purportedly occurred on October 31, 2009. The victim was an acquaintance. There is no suggestion that Burnett’s whereabouts were an issue. You would think that in Massachusetts a violent act such as Rape would trigger an immediate arrest particularly where the identity of the perpetrator is known. As a Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer who has represented defendants in Plymouth County I would want to know what took so long to report the incident. If the matter was reported immediately what took so long to go out to arrest Burnett. Where there any witnesses who heard or saw something corroborative of the complainant’s story. What physical evidence links the defendant to this crime.

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