Peabody, Massachusetts Man Receives 6 Month Sentence For Failing To Register As Sex Offender

Brian Sewall is 58 years old and in 1992 he was convicted of sexually assaulting two boys. He was living on Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts in September. Peabody and Salem police learned of his whereabouts in September and began looking for him after hearing that he was frequently observed in the company of a fifteen year old boy. Authorities found him on leaning into a car in what reports suggest was some sort of drug related activity. He was arrested for illegal possession of narcotics. When police learned that he had not registered as a sex offender he was charged with that crime too. The defendant was sentenced to six months in the house of correction for the sex offender violation. He has an outstanding warrant in New Hampshire for the same offense. Sewall has been charged with this crime at least four other times in Massachusetts. Other criminal convictions for the defendant include larceny, fraud, DUI and more.

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The crime of failing to register as a sex offender in Massachusetts is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 6 Section 178H. The law states that anyone who fails to register after having been convicted of particular designated sex offenses is guilty of a crime. For a first offense the law requires a minimum six month jail sentence. For second and subsequent offenders the punishment is a minimum five years in prison.

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