Peabody Massachusetts Man Arrested On Cocaine Trafficking Charges, School Zone Violation

According to a report on, Andrew Curda of Peabody, Massachusetts has been arrested in connection with Drug Trafficking activity in Massachusetts. It is alleged that Curda sold cocaine to an undercover law enforcement officer on three occasions. Curda is being charged with Trafficking Cocaine, a School Zone Violation and Possession of Oxycodone. Police from Beverly, Ipswich and Everett were involved in the investigation. Apparently the website Tip411 was instrumental in the investigation. The case will initially be prosecuted in the Peabody District Court.

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Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Massachusetts

So what exactly is tip411. Anyone can use a cell phone to send an anonymous tip to a local police department. The tip itself is one hundred anonymous so there is no way to identify the sender. It is not a substitute for an emergency 911 call. Rather it is a way for concerned citizens to make their community safer without fearing reprisals from the people they report. Information regarding caller identification cannot be subpoenaed either. Obviously, from the perspective of a Massachusetts Criminal Attorney certain constitutional issues might arise from the follow up of one of these tips. Regardless of the existence of the tip, the police are still constrained by Fourth Amendment guarantees and Article 14 protections. The anonymous tipster lacks the reliability or basis of knowledge needed to sustain Searches and Seizures in certain instances. An legal attack on this information may in some instances result in the dismissal of drug charges.

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