Norwood Massachusetts Police Use Facebook to Publish Arrests for Possession With Intent to Distribute Heroin, Heroin Possession, Related Massachusetts Drug Charges

The Norwood, Massachusetts police have a Facebook page. It is young, having been launched in late June of this year. Yet already some of its major stories including arrests for Massachusetts Criminal Charges are being posted to the page and hitting other media outlets in the area. Its Friday post references a fairly large local drug bust wherein five Norwood, Massachusetts residents were arrested. All now face Massachusetts Drug Charges ranging from Possession of Heroin, a Class A Substance to Possession With the Intent to Distribute Heroin, a Class A Substance to Intimidation of a Witness.

Early Friday, a Norwood officer applied for and obtained a Search Warrant targeting a Washington Street home. During the execution of the Search Warrant officers found Drug Paraphernalia and some Heroin. The registered tenant of the apartment was Andrew Costello, a twenty five year old male who has been charged with Possession of Heroin. Shortly thereafter officers found and arrested Matthew Bretti at a nearby location. Bretti had some outstanding warrants and has been charged with Larceny, Intimidation of a Witness and Possession With Intent to Distribute Class A. Another associate of Costello and Bretti, Zachary Foley was observed engaging in a drug transaction involving Lindsey Maguire and Daniel Watson. Foley was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Heroin. Maguire and Watson have been charged with Conspiracy to Violate the Massachusetts Drug Laws. The cases are now pending in the Dedham District Court.

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What I find truly amazing these days is just how quickly new stories get published, especially those involving criminal accusations. This story was published to a Facebook page on Friday. It was quickly picked up by the Patch and I imagine Wicked Local and others will report the news shortly if they have not already done so. As a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer I would like to see some of these outlets, particularly those associated with law enforcement publish resolutions of those cases that are favorable to the accused so that they can restore their names. In particular, it would be great to see acquittals and dismissals posted. It would be encouraging to see these outlets report when mistakes by law enforcement were made or when “victims” recant. To the accused, a favorable case disposition, especially dismissals and acquittals should be made as public as the initial arrest. This might help them not only restore their reputations but show perspective employers that the negative publicity that is revealed with a Google search can be qualified or perhaps renounced. As a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer I pride myself on the results my office regularly gets for our clients. Hopefully, one of these days prosecutors and the police will publicly acknowledge when they have made mistakes, particularly in those situations where the arrest and initiation of criminal charges was made public.

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