MIT Police Officer Charged With Trafficking Oxycontins

MIT Police Officer Joseph D’Amelio was arrested Saturday night on charges of trafficking oxycontins.  Yesterday he was arraigned in the East Boston District Court and held on five hundred thousand dollars cash bail.  His cousin and co-defendant Anthony Cristallo was arrested and charged with these drug crimes as well.  According to reports a local Federal Express office opened a package sent from Florida believed to contain drugs.  Once the drugs were located Massachusetts State Police were notified.  An undercover trooper posing as a Federal Express employee then delivered the package to its intended location where it was signed for by an individual named Smoot.  Smoot called D’Amelio who arrived and checked the pills.  He in turn called Cristallo who showed up with sixteen thousand dollars he paid to Smoot for the pills.  All three were arrested. 

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Drug Trafficking in Massachusetts is the possession with the intent to distribute an illegal substance or the actual distribution of the drug at a threshold quantity.  All trafficking offenses in Massachusetts carry in minimum sentence.  The threshold for trafficking class A and class B substances is fourteen grams.  There are many defenses to the charge of trafficking in Massachusetts.  Affirmative defenses depend on the circumstances of the case.  Often times district attorney’s offices in Massachusetts enter into plea bargains wherein case dispositions can be negotiated to something below the established mandatory sentence. 

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