Middlesex Register Of Probate Charged With Breaking And Entering, Theft

The Boston Herald reported that on August 7, 2008 Middlesex County register of probate John Buonomo was arrested and charged with eighteen counts of breaking and entering into a depository, eight counts of larceny under $250.00 and eight counts of theft of public property.  An investigation started in June after state employees detected shortages in their copy machines.  State police installed concealed cameras near the copy machines.  Videotapes captured Buonomo getting into the machines and pocketing the cash, usually towards the end of the work day.  Buonomo has no authority to access the copy machines in the Registry of Deeds.  If convicted Buonomo faces twenty years in state prison.  Buonomo is a county wide elected official. 

Larceny in Massachusetts is a criminal act proscribe by G.L. c. 266 sec. 30.  To be found guilty the prosecution must prove that 1) the defendant took the property of another, 2) without the consent of the owner and 3) that he did so with the intention of depriving the owner of that property permanently.  Often times criminal larceny charges are brought as a result of legitimate disputes as to rightful ownership of the property in question.  Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers familiar such cases often convince prosecutors, magistrates or judges that these cases are actually civil in nature and should be dismissed and handled in another forum. 

The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman defends larceny cases throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Larceny cases can be prosecuted in the District Courts or the Superior Courts depending on the dollar amount of the property stolen.  There are usually no minimum mandatory sentences associated with larceny cases.  It is advisable to retain a lawyer with extensive experience if you are charged with a theft crime in Massachusetts.  If you have concerns about a potential criminal matter involving larceny call a lawyer right away. 

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