Middlesex Grand Jury Indicts 2 For Robberies In Cambridge, Somerville

According to the Somerville Journal, Last week Vincent Primo and his girlfriend, Kim Szathmary, both of Medford were indicted by a Middlesex County Grand Jury for robbery and attempted robbery in Cambridge and Somerville.  In November and December of 2008 there were 7 incidents of attempted robbery and robbery in the Somerville and Cambridge area.  The crimes were similar in that a male would take women’s handbags from them forcible, and on one occasion a victim was stabbed.  The crimes occurred near public transportation stations.  Surveillance cameras captured Szathmary using the victim’s credit cards.  Primo was identified through photographic arrays.  Both defendants were indicted on four counts of robbery, armed and unarmed, two counts of armed assault with the intent to rob, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, armed assault with intent to murder and credit card fraud.  Somerville District Court Judge Maurice Flynn set bail in the amount of $500 for Szathmary and he held Primo without bail. 

Read Article: http://www.wickedlocal.com/somerville/news/x84117951/Medford-couple-arrested-for-stabbings-robberies-in-Somerville-Cambridge

Perhaps the most serious crime with which the couple have been charged is armed robbery.  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 17 states that anyone who is armed with a dangerous weapon uses the weapon to effectuate a theft from the victim is guilty of armed robbery.  The maximum sentence for armed robbery is life in prison.  Unarmed robbery in Massachusetts has the same elements as armed robbery with the exception that there is no dangerous weapon involved.  Unarmed robbery also carries a life sentence.  It looks like lawyers for the defendants in this case have a tough fight ahead of them. 

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