Methuen, Massachusetts Man Facing Charges of Leaving the Scene of an Accident With Personal Injury After Striking 70 Year Old Woman With His Car

Just after 5:30 p.m. yesterday, Methuen, Massachusetts resident John Sullivan was driving on Pelham Street when he heard a noise. He thought he hit a deer. Not too long thereafter Sullivan noticed damage appearing to be more extensive than he first thought. He became concerned that he might have hit a person so in less than one half hour he went to the Methuen Police Station where he learned that he had in fact struck a seventy-year old woman who was in critical condition. The woman was wearing dark clothing. Several witnesses saw her being thrown into the air. Another witness though that a trash bag was being thrown out of the window of a car in front of her. There is no indication that anyone was able to identify Sullivan or his car as being involved in the accident. Sullivan has been released on personal recognizance notwithstanding a request from the assistant district attorney for a ten thousand dollar bail. Charges of Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Personal Injury are pending in the Lawrence District Court.

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Not every accident resulting in an injury constitutes a crime. That is the message that Sullivan’s Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer needs to convey to the district attorney’s office or, if necessary to a jury. Keep in mind a few things. The woman who was hit by Sullivan’s car was wearing dark clothing. According to the newspaper report the victim’s late husband was hit by a car in that area about six years ago. So what does that tell you? This is a dangerous intersection. Or, the lighting in this area is poor. What did Sullivan do wrong? Nothing according to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune article. None of the witnesses’ statements referenced any wrongdoing on his part. There is no reference to excessive speed or to a red light violation. There is no indication that he was inattentive. As a matter of fact, Sullivan did the right thing. When he became concerned that he might not have hit a deer he immediately went to the police station. When he learned that someone had been hit he voluntarily gave a statement. The timing of his actions are critical. Less than one half hour after the accident he reports to the police station. This immediately eliminates any suggestion that he was operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. His lawyer made clear that he has not texting capabilities so we can rule that out as well.

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