Men From Salem, Peabody Massachusetts Charged With Criminal Acts Following Home Invasion

Pedro Alix and Christopher Hassapis, both from Salem, Massachusetts along with Carlos Vieira of Peabody, Massachusetts now stand charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery and assault and battery after forcing their way into another man’s home for the purpose of committing a robbery. The victim in this case reported that on Tuesday night he was outside of his home counting his rent money when a car occupied by the defendants appeared. The men got out of the car, charged at the victim, ran into his home and robbed him at gunpoint. Police found the victim outside and bleeding from wounds to his face. Other police officers who received a radio call recalled seeing the car earlier that evening with two of the defendants riding in it. They went to a location where the three were known to hang out and were given permission to enter by an unidentified female. Officer found the defendants in possession of crack cocaine. They also located a replica gun on the premises. The victim was able to identify the gun and the car but none of the defendants. Bail has been set at one hundred thousand dollars cash at the Salem District Court.

Criminal Charges For Three Massachusetts Men Following Home Invasion

There is an interesting issue in this case. The victim has not identified the defendants. You can bet however that the district attorney will proceed with this prosecution. The defendants will be indicted. The case will be handled in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts. Most likely the prosecution will proceed by introducing into evidence the gun and photographs of the car in which the defendants were riding. They will also have the police officers who saw two of the defendants in the car earlier that evening testify as to her observations. However, absent any positive identification either through the victim or evidence from the scene such as fingerprints, footprints or DNA the case will rest solely on circumstantial evidence. These cases can be a defense attorney’s dream. Based on the information in the article do not be surprised to see the home invasion charges dismissed against one or more of the defendants. Acquittals after a trial would not surprise me either.

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