Massachusetts Woman Charged In Domestic Violence Incident

Stephanie Lighten and Jennifer Lighten are married. They live in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Last Tuesday in the late afternoon police responded to a call at the couple’s home. Jennifer Lighten told police that her wife Stephanie tried to forcibly inseminate her with a turkey baster and her brother’s semen. According to reports Stephanie threw Jennifer on the couch, grabbed at her clothing and threatened to impregnate her. Jennifer broke free and sought shelter in a bathroom. Stephanie broke down the bathroom door. Jennifer the fled the home followed by Stephanie. Witnesses saw the incident continue down the street. Domestic violence related charges have been brought against Stephanie. Right now charges of assault with the intent to commit rape have issued. Police seized the container of semen. The defendant was released on her own recognizance. a “refrain from abuse” order has issued as well. \
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The Massachusetts Abuse and Prevention Act is codified under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 209A. The act defines abuse as causing harm, attempting to cause harm, threatening to cause harm or forcing someone into sexual relations. The act applies to family or household members; people who are related to one another by blood or marriage, or who reside together, or who have been in a substantive dating relationship. Acts of violence against people falling within this definition are commonly categorized as domestic violence. The underlying act can be a criminal act such as an assault and battery, with or without a dangerous weapon, rape, murder and more. This statute sets out the criteria for obtaining restraining orders in Massachusetts as well.

Here, the article is unclear as to what charges were brought against the defendant. Most likely she was charged with assault and battery. The maximum sentence for a conviction of this crime is 2 1/2 years in jail.

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