Massachusetts Registered Sex Offender, Level 3, Charged With Indecent Assault and Battery After Incident on MBTA

According to a report on, Dane Mullin, a Salem, Massachusetts man is accused of committing an Indecent Assault and Battery on a woman in Boston this past Tuesday. The incident occurred on a Green Line train during the morning commute. Mullin, a level three Sex Offender has open cases in the Salem District Court as well. One of these is for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender. Mullin is also on probation after being convicted of similar incidents just a few months ago. Mullin’s convictions for Massachusetts Sex Crimes date back to 2007. In addition to the new charges Mullin faces a Probation Violation proceeding.

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So just how big are Mullins’ problems? Well, lets first look at the underlying crime. Indecent Assault and Battery in Massachusetts is a felony. It is punishable by up to five years on state prison. While I doubt that this case will be indicted Mullin is still facing a two and a half year jail sentence. He is also subject to incarceration for the Probation Violation. Moreover, he is probably looking at Community Parole Supervision for Life. This subjects Mullin to the jurisdiction of the parole board for life. This statute, M.G.L. c. 127 Section 133D treats the defendant as if he or she is on parole. The parole board establishes terms and conditions that the violator must adhere to. The parolee cannot file a petition to terminate for at least fifteen years. Then, termination can occur only with a vote of the majority of the parole board members. Termination proceedings require sex offender evaluations as well. Here is another aspect of the Massachusetts Lifetime Community Parole statute that can impact the offender. A violation of the conditions of parole require a thirty day jail sentence. a second violation results in a six month sentence and a third results in the parolee serving a year. If the violation is the result of another criminal offense then these sentence run from and after the sentence on the new criminal case.

Mullin has some significant criminal defense issues in front of him. Possible lifetime parole, an imminent jail sentence for his Probation Violation, the new case and answering to the warrants will keep his Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer busy for some time.

Sometimes in cases like this one enlisting an expert in the field of Sex Offenses can be helpful. Sex offender evaluations and sentencing recommendations often guide judges in ordering a sentence that addresses the offender’s issues, protects society and mitigates the length and conditions of the sentence. I have found this quite helpful on many occasions. Judges and prosecutors can be influenced by thorough professional evaluations and recommendations.

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