Massachusetts Prisoner Serving Time For Home Invasion And Robbery Escapes After Learning Of New Rape Indictment

Manson Brown was serving a seven to ten year sentence at the Old Colony Correctional Facility in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He was scheduled to be paroled in 2012. This past Friday Brown escaped from the prison sometime in the early evening hours, just after dark. In 2005 Brown was convicted of home invasion and robbery. However he was recently indicted on rape charges in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn stemming from a 1996 attack in Cambridge. Brown last lived in the Mattapan section of Boston. Reports from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office suggest that Brown may have escaped during a cigarette break. Other sources state that the escape was from the kitchen.

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Man Facing Rape Charges In Massachusetts Escaped From Prison

The crime of Escape in Massachusetts is a felony in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268 Section 16. A conviction for this crime is punishable by up to ten years in state prison. This however seems to be the least of Mr. Brown’s problems. It is believed that Brown’s escape attempt was motivated by the recent rape and home invasion indictment. Local media outlets have suggested that DNA testing linked Brown to the thirteen year old rape. A conviction for Home Invasion in Massachusetts carries a minimum mandatory twenty year state prison sentence. If convicted of this crime alone Brown would not be paroled until he was in his mid 70’s.

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