Massachusetts Police Arrest Prostitute, Drug Dealer In Somerville Housing Projects

Somerville, Massachusetts police were investigating prostitution in their city and set up a sting operation.  An undercover officer responded to an advertisement and met with 24 year old Natasha Janvier, a prostitute, in her Somerville apartment.  Services and fees were discussed after which backup officers stormed the apartment to make their arrest.  In the process of doing so they smelled marijuana in an adjacent room.  Upon entering the room they located Michael Martinez, 27 from Boston and two juveniles.  While identifying Martinez the officers found six individually package bags of cocaine in his wallet.  Janvier was charged with sexual conduct for a fee.  Martinez has been charged with possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and a school zone violation

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Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee in Massachusetts is a misdemeanor.  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53 states that anyone who offers to engage in sexual conduct for a fee or anyone who pays another to engage in sexual conduct with him or her is guilty of this crime.  There is a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail for a conviction of this offense. 

If the reports in this case are correct then Janvier’s actions constitute a violation of this law.  She established prices of $130 for 30 minutes and $175 for a full hour of her sexual services.  She also had a list of dos and don’ts for having sex with her.  The extent of her sentence will likely be predicated on her criminal history.

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