Massachusetts Man Who Defaulted After Posting Fifty Thousand Dollars Found, Faces Multiple Drug Trafficking Charges

Last year Joel Pimental of Lawrence, Massachusetts was arrested after he allegedly sold drugs to an undercover officer last year. He was charged with Trafficking Heroin. He posted fifty thousand dollars cash bail. He then defaulted. Yesterday, police officers observed Pimental going into a Weare Street apartment in Lawrence. He was arrested. The police then obtained a Search Warrant. When the warrant was executed officers found enough heroin to charge Trafficking Over 28 Grams of Heroin. They also found a gun. It is further alleged that Pimental has used at least four aliases and was charged with Drug Trafficking using at least one of these names. He is in default in several court in which he has been charged not only with Trafficking Heroin but Trafficking Cocaine, Drug Conspiracy, Assault and Battery and some Motor Vehicle related crimes. Pimental’s cases are pending in Middlesex County Superior Court in Woburn, the Lowell District Court, the Essex County Superior Court in Salem and the Lawrence District Court. Following yesterday’s arrest Pimental was charged with Trafficking Heroin, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and multiple other charges.

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Usually, when someone defaults on a large bail they return to their native country to avoid prosecution and possible prison time. The accused, being cognizant of the risks associated with defending the case flees the jurisdiction. They realize that if they later return to Massachusetts and get caught they will probably be held without bail until the underlying case in resolved. So they make the decision to stay clear of Massachusetts. Thus, I am always amazed when I read an article disclosing activity such as that attributed to Pimental. This is because getting caught often means that the defendant is going to get convicted and likely serve a long prison sentence. Obviously Pimental was confident that he would not get caught. His use of fictitious names in the past apparently served him well and he was able to post bail when necessary and continue his enterprises under another name. Now however he will not be given bail. He will be held without bail pending trial. He will be taken from county to county to have his cases resolved. Unless his Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Attorney is able to win these cases he will probably have to serve at least fifteen years in state prison. The inclusion of the gun charge might increase this number. Apparently the temporarily successful use of the aliases and the ability to post large cash bails gave the twenty five year old Pimental a sense of invincibility and enabled him to continue with his Massachusetts Drug Activities. It appears that right now he is in for a big fight.

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