Massachusetts Man Jailed After Child Pornography Conviction

Alan Greco is sixty two years old. The Massachusetts resident was convicted of several counts of Possession of Child Pornography yesterday in the Newburyport District Court. According to reports Greco was receiving Child Pornography in the mail from a distributor located in California. A database found in the distribution center listed Greco as a customer who had ordered several movies. Greco was arrested when an undercover official posing as a postal worker delivered Child Porn to Greco at his home. The defendant’s home was searched after his arrest. Several hundred videos depicting acts of child pornography were found in his home. Grecon denied having sex with minors. As part of his sentence Greco will be on probation after his release, must register as a sex offender and undergo treatment and counseling.

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Child Pornography Charges Land Massachusetts Man In Jail

Possession of Child Porn in Massachusetts is a felony in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 29C. The district attorney can prosecute this case in either the district court or the superior court. As with any district court felony case there is a maximum two and one half year house of correction that can be imposed. In the superior court these charges can result in a five year state prison sentence. The imposition of jail time for first offenders in child porn possession cases is considered a high sentence by many. Often times convictions for this offense result in probation. Sex Offender Registry Board consequences are inevitable regardless of the sentence.

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