Massachusetts Man Charged With Domestic Violence Crimes In Framingham Held Without Bail

Oscoe Housen is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing in the Framingham District Court. The district attorney is alleging that Housen broke into a former girlfriend’s home and stabbed her and a man who was present at the time. The man was stabbed in the back. The woman was stabbed in the chest and arm. Housen is being charged with Domestic Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Violation of a 209A Restraining Order and Home Invasion. The case will probably be indicted and prosecuted in the Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn.

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Man Facing Domestic Violence Charges In Framingham District Court

The Home Invasion charge is the most significant in this case. The law in Massachusetts pertaining to Home Invasion states that anyone who is armed with a dangerous weapon and goes into someone else’s home and uses that weapon shall be punished for a minimum of twenty years in state prison. There is a requirement that the defendant know that someone was home at the time he went into the property or that he had reason to believe that someone would be home. Massachusetts Criminal Lawyers know that there is now a legal dispute in Massachusetts as to whether or not a judge can place the person on probation rather than impose the minimum sentence of incarceration for twenty years. If the article is accurate and Housen is convicted of this crime I have little doubt that he would be sentence to the twenty year mandatory given the apparent seriousness of the injuries to the victims.

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