Massachusetts Man Charged In Hingham Court For Larceny Over $250 After Returning To Crime Scene To Retrieve His Lost Cell Phone

According to a report in the Quincy Patriot Ledger Nicholas Chase of Rockland, Massachusetts went into a local Game Stop. Around noon last Friday Chase proceeded to convince the store employees that he intended to purchase a PlayStation3. He then asked the employee to get him something from another part of the store. When the employee complied with the request Chase took off with the video game machine. Oops! He forgot his phone. So what did he do? After a few hours passed Chase asked passers-by to go into the store to get his phone for him. Some of these people actually asked the store employees about the phone. The police were contacted. They eventually located Chase in his car in the parking lot. Oh, by the way, Chase’s phone had his pictures in it. He is being charged in the Hingham District Court with Larceny Over $250 and with several Motor Vehicle Crimes.

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By any account it appears that Chase will have some problems defending this case. First, the store employees are witnesses and can likely make an identification. Second, Chase’s cell phone, left at the crime scene with his photos in it make his defense more difficult. Third, the identifications that can by made by the people in the parking lot will likely hurt his defense significantly. Lastly, his return to the scene of the crime where he was apprehended is tough to overcome. So what happens in a case like this? If Chase has no criminal record then his lawyer might have a shot at getting this case continued without a finding. Of course the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses might have to be packaged with the Larceny Over $250 case. If Chase has a criminal record then a continuance without a finding (CWOF) will be more difficult to obtain. There are likely many options available to Chase for disposition of this case.

If you ever want to read about stupid crimes go to the website What Chase is accused of doing pales in comparison to the things that people get caught doing every day. Just take a look at the first two articles posted on that website today: “Two men called police looking for help after two men stole their drugs and money late Saturday night, police said.” and “Police in Michigan said a 9-year-old girl who was pulled over while driving for her drunken dad told officers she had been ‘driving good.'”. This website puts out stupid criminal stories every day. The stories are true. At times they are mind boggling. At times the defendants are Massachusetts residents and/or people being prosecuted in the Massachusetts courts.

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