Massachusetts Man Accused of Cocaine Distribution in a School Zone, Related Drug Crimes, Defaults

Last week Massachusetts State Police and Marlborough Police surveilled 21 Preston Street, the home of Joshua Chevez a twenty year old Marlborough resident. Once Chevez arrived home he was handcuffed. The police then executed a Search Warrant at the residence. During the search authorities located Drug Paraphernalia (digital scales and baggies), thousands of dollars cash and some packaged marijuana. Residue on the scales was confirmed to be cocaine. Officers also seized cell phones, cars and a laptop. While detained Chevez confessed to Selling Marijuana and Distributing Cocaine. He stated that he sold around two ounces of cocaine per week to Marlborough residents. Chevez admitted that he buys his product from a Drug Dealer in Lynn, Massachusetts and a Drug Dealer in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Chevez also confessed to Distribution of Marijuana. He was charged with a School Zone Violation, Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Drug Conspiracy and Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana. Chevez defaulted on his arraignment and a warrant has issued for his arrest. Chevez has other pending Massachusetts Drug Charges including one in Lawrence for Possession With Intent to Distribute Class B along with some Massachusetts Theft Crimes; Breaking and Entering and Receiving Stolen Property. His cases are pending in the Marlborough District Court and may eventually be prosecuted in the Middlesex County Superior Court in Woburn.

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As I have mentioned in many prior posts, Chevez’s first mistake was to talk. Had he not spoken with the police there would have been many more defenses to the Massachusetts Drug Charges he is facing. But he did not. Rather, he confessed to having committed some serious Massachusetts felonies. It is pretty clear that he was release from custody on a low bail due to his willingness to cooperate with the police. While this might appear to be an attractive offer to someone who has just been arrested, it is ill advised to cooperate with the police without proper representation from an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer. Neither Chevez nor anyone in his position is capable of working an effective, beneficial cooperation agreement without the assistance of a lawyer. Now, being in default has exacerbated Chevez’s problems and he is in need of proper representation. Silence is the best defense to police questioning if you do not have a lawyer advising you otherwise. The large majority of cases that I handle would never have amounted to Massachusetts Criminal Cases had the defendant not spoken with the police. The rule is simple: avail yourself of your constitutional right to remain silent and hire a lawyer immediately.

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