Man Charged With Rape Likely To Face More Charges After More Women Come Forward

A New Hampshire man charged with aggravated rape faces potential additional charges now that other women are coming forward with similar stories.  The Newburyport Daily News reported that Thomas Currier meets women on an internet dating site, invites them over for dinner and rapes them.  According to the police, Currier gives the women a drink that contains some type of drug that incapacitates them.  The story initially broke on Thursday.  See Full Article, Newburyport Daily News when it was reported that on August 3, 2008 a woman having dinner at Currier’s home experienced an inability to control her body after having a few sips of a drink.  Currier then took her into his bedroom where he proceeded to have sex with her against her will.  The victim was physically unable to stop the attack.  After Currier was finished he threw the woman out of his apartment.  The next day the victim told her family and a rape kit was conducted at the Lawrence General Hospital.  The victim then obtained a restraining order against Currier. 

A state police investigation is ongoing after other women have told of similar stories.  Currier has been violent towards women in the past.  One woman claimed that when she refused to drink the drugged beverage Currier threatened to shoot her.  Investigators believe that other victims might be from Massachusetts and Maine.  The defendant is currently held without bail. 

Rape is punishable by a prison term of up to life in Massachusetts.  It is possible to receive a much light sentence defending on the nature of the allegations.  However, drugging a person for the purpose of committing rape in Massachusetts is also a crime in Massachusetts and it is punishable by a minimum mandatory 10 year state prison sentence.  Defending cases involving drugging and raping victims requires an understanding of the effects of certain drugs on individuals.  Most lawyers need to be educated on how these substances effect a person.  The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman uses renowned toxicologists like Dr. David Benjamin to assist in the preparation of cases involving drugs and sometimes alcohol.  Dr. Benjamin has testified on several of our cases, all with great results.  Dr. Benjamin is a compelling knowledgeable witness who captivates juries and judges.  He regularly provides our office with advice and updated information on toxicological issues.  He is able to distinguish what drugs do in fact incapacitate and what quantities are necessary to achieve the illicit objective.  On any case involving impairment we strongly recommend using a toxicologist to inform the jury of the exact effects of the substances on the human mind and body. 

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