Lynn Man To Serve Three Years For Distribution Of Heroin, Cocaine And Marijuana

The Lynn Item reported that Ruben Ramos pleaded guilty to distribution of cocaine, heroin and marijuana as part of a plea bargain agreement that will require him to serve at least three years on state prison.  During the guilty plea hearing the prosecutor told the judge that based on information that the defendant was selling drugs in the Lynn area police began an investigation.  An undercover police officer and Ramos agreed to meet in January during which an arrangement was made whereby the officer would receive from the defendant one gram of heroin.  The deal was completed in January.  Three similar deals followed later that month and in February.  The total amount for all four deals was one thousand eight hundred forty dollars.  After the last transaction was consummated Ramos was arrested.  Police found marijuana, marked “buy” money and a cell phone in his possession.  The cell phone was used to arrange the deals. 

Plea bargaining is part of any good criminal defense lawyers’ arsenal.  Not all cases are triable.  When people sell to undercover police officers the chances of success at trial are slim.  Typically cases involving hand to hand sales are tried only when the prosecution fails to negotiate a favorable agreement.  In other situations people accused might opt to go to trial where the actions of the police amount to entrapment.  Entrapment does not mean that a person was “tricked” into selling to an undercover police officer.  Rather, it involves law enforcement’s illicit efforts to compel someone otherwise not disposed to sell or provide drugs by breaking down that person’s will.  Attorney Stephen Neyman has successfully tried three cases involving hand to hand sales to undercover officers, each time using an entrapment defense.  By clicking on the link above you can go to our website and view specific case results.  Each of these defendants was acquitted of the trafficking indictments. 

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Massachusetts contact our office right now.  We are prepared to fight your case. 

Read Article, Lynn Item August 19, 2008

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