Lynn Man Charged With Rape Of Friend Who Had Gone To His Home To Charge Her Cell Phone

Yesterday Saul Morales of Lynn, Massachusetts was arraigned in the Lynn District Court after being charged with Rape. The Lynn Item reports that police responded to a call in the Albany Street area. They arrived to find a woman and someone else on the sidewalk. The woman was crying. She told police that she visited Morales to charge her cell phone. While there, Morales began grabbing her. She tried to walk away. Morales then grabbed her, pulled her pants down and raped her. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. The Lynn Item further reports that the woman’s boyfriend arrived at the defendant’s home after not having heard from her for a while. When he got to the home he could hear the woman crying inside. A few minutes later the woman left the homing claiming that she had been raped. Bail was set in the amount of five thousand dollars.

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Lynn Massachusetts Rape Lawyer

As a Massachusetts Rape Defense Lawyer the first thing that comes to mind is the credibility of the complainant in this case. There is too much “coincidence” suggested by this article. The woman goes to Morales’ home to charge her cell phone and finds herself sitting on his bed. Then all of the sudden he starts a sexual assault that ends in Rape. Meanwhile, her boyfriend becomes concerned that he has not heard from her for a while so he decides to check out the house. Ironically, he hears her cries yet he never calls the police. Instead, he does what no other man would do. Nothing. He waits until she comes out of the home. Now she is crying. She complains that she had just been raped. The two embrace on the sidewalk until the police arrive. Think about this for a minute. Why would the woman have to charge her phone at a friend’s home? Why would the boyfriend become concerned when he had not heard from her? How could she call him when her phone was charging? Why didn’t the boyfriend try to help her? Why didn’t the boyfriend call the police? Something smells bad here. I have had cases like this in the past. Sometimes the “victim” has consensual sex with someone. She regrets this. Someone finds out about the act and she immediately cries rape. I am interested in learning about the physical evidence in this case. Were there any defensive wounds on Morales. What do the hospital tests reveal. Was the woman injured in any way. Why is there no mention of her physical appearance at the time the police arrived. I am sure that Morales’ Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer will investigate these things while preparing Morales’ defense.

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