Lengthy Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Investigation Culminates With Arrests Of Two Lawrence Men, Methuen Man

Over the course of a month-long drug investigation undercover state police officers purchased heroin on four occasions from Lawrence, Massachusetts resident Jonathan Castro. The buys occurred on two separate days in May and two in June, the latest being this past Tuesday. It is alleged that during the last transaction Castro sold somewhere around twenty grams of heroin to an undercover officer. Castro was in a car being driven by Jose Ventura of Methuen, Massachusetts. Officers made a connection between Castro and an apartment on Dracut Street as well. Castro had the keys to the apartment in his possession at the time of his arrest. Officers went to the apartment and using the key gained entry to the premises. They found Jhon Ramos, also of Lawrence, inside the apartment. Officers claim that Ramon permitted the search and signed a consent form. The apartment contained over twenty eight grams of heroin, a scale, cash and related drug distribution paraphernalia. All three suspects were charged with Trafficking Heroin, Over Twenty Eight Grams and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws. Castro and Ramos were also charged with a School Zone Violation. All of these defendants will be prosecuted in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem.

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Just yesterday I blogged on joint venture in Massachusetts and its applicability to people who are simply present at a crime scene. Today’s post presents a very different view of that legal theory. While the article does not clearly indicate Ventura’s involvement in the crimes it does suggest inferentially that he was present with the purpose of facilitating Castro’s efforts to sell heroin. If that is the situation, and the prosecution can establish facts that support Ventura’s active involvement in the distribution efforts his defense becomes more complicated. Certainly there may be innocent reasons why he was with Castro and perhaps his presence had nothing to do with drug distribution. In that case Ventura’s Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney will defend this case on the theory that there lacks sufficient evidence to support a prosecution. This can be done prior to trial or at trial depending on the facts particular to this case and the attorney’s defense strategy. The defense for Castro will likely be different. In the case of hand to hand sales entrapment is the typical defense. Ramos’ defense might hinge on the voluntariness of his consent and the extent of his involvement with the items found at the apartment, if any. All of these gentlemen have a battle in front of them that requires the skill and commitment of an Experienced Massachusetts Heroin Trafficking Lawyer.

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