Lawrence Massachusetts Mail Carriers Face Charges Of Uttering A False Prescription And Related Offenses

Four mail carries who delivered mail in Lawrence Massachusetts have been charged with a number of offenses relating to receiving fraudulent prescriptions for Percocet from a long time receptionist at a North Andover doctor’s office. The Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports that the receptionist and mother-in-law of one of the carriers, and another worker in the office, provided the prescriptions in the names of the carriers, which were then taken to local pharmacies to be filled.

The plot was successful until the doctor’s office received a call from a Methuen pharmacy because a patient attempted to fill the prescription in the same week. Suspecting foul play, the Doctor brought in the North Andover police and the investigation led to the arrests four mail carriers, and two employees of the doctor. According to reports, the carriers were using the Percocet for themselves and not dealing them for profit.

The carriers were each charged with receiving stolen property, uttering a false prescription, obtaining drugs by fraud, and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The receptionist. who accordinf to the police, is the mother-in-law of of one of the carriers, was charged with larceny under $250, forgery, uttering a false prescription, obtaining drugs by fraud, and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The other employee was charged with larceny under $250, forgery and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The crew is due back in court on June 19th.

In order for the Commonwealth to secure a conviction against a defendant for conspiracy to violate the drug laws it must prove that there was an agreement between the parties or possession from which an agreement to posses s may have been incurred. In Massachusetts, the Courts have held that it is the agreement to possess the controlled substance with the intent to violate the particular controlled substance law that is the key not the actual possession of the contraband. If convicted for the offense an individual can receive imprisonment or a fine, or both, which punishment shall not exceed the maximum punishment prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.

If you have been charged with any violation of the controlled substance act, you must have an experienced Massachusetts defense attorney on your side. Depending on the facts of the case, filing pre-trial evidentiary and non-evidentiary motions can lead to a favorable disposition. A successful trial attorney will file all necessary motions and fight for your rights from the arraignment through disposition.