Lawrence Massachusetts Man Arrested For Assault With Intent to Murder Allegedly Committed In Haverhill

Just a few days ago police found Learde Rodriguez at an apartment on Lowell Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The twenty-three year old was arrested in connection with a shooting alleged to have occurred in Haverhill, Massachusetts just over one month ago. Rodriguez also faces charges in Lawrence for the same crime. The Haverhill incident occurred in the early evening hours. Police responded to a call for a shooting and arrived to find the victim riddled with gunshot wounds. A short while later a car with the windows shot out arrived at the police station to report the incident. There is no information as to how or why the police believe Rodriguez to be involved in the case. It is probable that Rodriguez will be held without bail due to the dangerousness of the crimes he is facing. Additionally, these cases will likely be prosecuted in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts.

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One thing I noticed while reading this article is the reference to Rodriguez being a member of the Trinitario Gang. This gang originated as a New York City prison gang. It was created for Dominican prisoners who were drug dealers and who had been encountering problems with the Latin Kings during their incarceration. The gang was formed for their protection in the jails. The gang spread to the streets and although primarily in the New Jersey and New York areas they are spreading to Eastern Massachusetts. Their weapon of choice is the machete. This past December forty such gang members were arrested and charged with an assortment of Violent Crimes in New York including Gun Charges, Drug Charges and Conspiracy.

Cases like this one can be difficult for the district attorney to prove. If Rodriguez was involved in these crimes I imagine that there was either a gang related motive or a drug relative motive or both. Gang members and drug dealers are reluctant to come into court to testify. They fear their own exposure for the crimes that they committed. They also fear retaliation from the people and gangs against whom they testify. In major cities prosecuting these cases is often a nightmare. Corralling the witnesses and getting them to cooperate honestly often borders on impossible. And what about their credibility? Most of them come with heavy baggage and getting jurors to believe what they have to say is not easy. Defending these cases is always a challenge but often defense attorneys feel that they have the upper hand. Rarely do witnesses come into court with clean hands. There are seldom independent eyewitnesses to these types of crimes. The witnesses are typically drug dealers and rival gang members who are easy to impeach. The outcome to this case should be interesting.

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