Jamaica Plain Man And His Cousin Charged With Distributing Heroin In East Boston

Ariel Lara Aguasviva of Jamaica Plain and his cousin Jorge Luis Ortiz Lara were charged with distributing heroin.  The case is currently pending in the East Boston District Court.  The prosecution alleged that an informant made a controlled purchase of heroin from the defendants.  After doing so undercover officers descended on the defendants who in turn locked themselves in their car.  Officers saw Aguasviva swallow what appeared to be drugs.  An arrest ensued during which Aguasviva was shot.  He suffered non life threatening wounds. 

Distribution of heroin in Massachusetts is s criminal act.  The term distribution encompasses not only the sale of the illegal drug but giving or sharing the substance with anyone including friends.  Penalties for heroin distribution in Massachusetts are severe.  If convicted you can be sentenced to up to ten years in state prison.  Second and subsequent offense are punishable by a minimum mandatory five year state prison sentence and as much as fifteen years can be imposed. 

Hiring a good lawyer is your best option for defending a heroin distribution case.  Often times the arrest was unlawful.  Searches and seizures that reveal the presence of drugs if not done within constitutional guidelines are subject to suppression.  Testing the weight of the substance can result in a reduction of the charges.  All top Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers defend people accused of committing drug offenses. 

Our office defends people charged with heroin distribution and all drug crimes.  If you need to discuss a drug related charge call our office now.  We are committed to protecting your rights. 

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Heroin Distrubution in Massachusetts is governed by G.L. c. 94C sec. 32.