Hudson Massachusetts Man Charged With Breaking And Entering, Rape In Marlborough Court

Authorities in Hudson, Massachusetts have charged John Resendes with breaking and entering, rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, intimidation of a witness, assault with intent murder, domestic assault and battery, kidnapping and resisting arrest. According to reports at 4:30 in the morning Resendes broke into a woman’s, entered her bedroom and assaulted her. The woman was someone with whom Resendes had a relationship. The possible cause of the incident stems from Resendes seeing her with another man earlier in the day. As the woman tried to escape the attack the defendant threw her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. She was able to call 911. The prosecution further claims that Resendes threatened the victim with a knife by holding it against her throat and suggesting that he would kill her. All charges are now pending in the Marlborough District Court. Resendes is being held without bail. The victim refused medical treatment.

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Massachusetts Man Charged With Sexual Assault, Kidnapping

In the context of this case all of these charges are serious. The rape charge itself carries a potential life sentence. Factually however this charge is not supported by this article. To be convicted of rape the district attorney must show that the defendant (Resendes) engaged in sexual intercourse, either natural or unnatural with the complainant; and that the sexual intercourse was accomplished by compelling the complainant to submit by force or threat of bodily injury and against her will. Natural intercourse consists of inserting the penis into the female sex organ. Unnatural sexual intercourse includes oral and anal intercourse, including fellatio and cunnilingus, and other intrusions of a part of a person’s body or other object into the genital or anal opening of another’s body. Either natural or unnatural sexual intercourse is complete on penetration, no matter how slight, of a person’s genital or anal opening. In addition to the vagina, the female genital opening includes the anterior parts known as the vulva and labia. Penetration into the vagina itself is not required. The article makes no mention of what acts Resendes committed to satisfy the elements of the crime of rape.

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