Heroin Possession in Lawrence Massachusetts: Hire a Criminal Lawyer

Once again I wake up and grab the local Lawrence, Massachusetts newspaper and read about another heroin bust. This one involved an investigation spanning Lawrence, Haverhill and Methuen, Massachusetts. The arrests were made after a brief investigation into local heroin use following several local overdoses, some fatal. The first thing that catches my eye is the case of Carl Saccoccio from Somerville who apparently drove to Lawrence to purchase a bag of heroin. Whether this was for recreational purposes or to support a habit is unclear but for certain there was no felonious intent. So what happened here is that rather than catch dealers or suppliers the cops caught, arrested and charged users. Catching users is apparently easier than catching distributors. This article identifies Saccoccio and fourteen others as being arrested for possession of heroin. No one was arrested for dealing. Most of the arrestees had outstanding warrants and I would be that nearly all of them have criminal records for drug convictions. Six of the individuals arrested are from New Hampshire or Maine.

What is the Punishment For Heroin Possession in Massachusetts?

Drug possession cases in Massachusetts are dealt with uniformly with the exception of heroin possession. The Massachusetts legislature views the drug as being so dangerous that it has created a separate sentence for heroin possession convictions. The law states that a first offense can result in a two year jail sentence and a two thousand dollar fine. A second offense can result in a two and one half year jail sentence or state prison time. Second offense heroin possession cases in Massachusetts are felonies. There is a provision in the law for having first offense heroin possession cases dismissed after the successful completion of certain probationary conditions and for the sealing of the conviction as well. As a practical matter, a good lawyer is going to get you out of a first offense heroin possession case without a record, particularly if you have no other pending or prior criminal legal problems. How is this done? Either a dismissal, diversion, pretrial probation or a continuance without a finding. Make sure you discuss these potential resolutions with your lawyer. If properly represented you should be able to avoid the severe punishment Massachusetts laws call for when charged with heroin possession.

Does Your Law Firm Represent People in the Lawrence District Court?

We do. We have been successfully defending drug cases in Lawrence and all throughout Massachusetts for nearly three decades. We have won many drugs cases after trial, won motions to suppress and obtained resolutions short of trial. Many of our clients have no criminal records due to the work that we have done for them. Regardless of the charge or the strength of the case against our clients we take the approach that no criminal case cannot be defended. Our winning formula is renowned throughout Massachusetts.

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