Help From Craigslist Sought For Portfolio Manager Charged With Assaulting Cop

According to reports, this past Sunday Margaret Greer was in her car at Boston’s Logan Airport when a state trooper asked her to move her vehicle. Greer explained to the trooper that she was waiting for her husband. She was given the option of circling the terminal or parking in a nearby cell phone lot. She chose neither and supposedly struck the officer with her mirror when trying to drive past him. Following that Greer tried to again hit the officer with her car while he was trying to undue her seatbelt to possibly apprehend her. Greer fled and was arrested on the Massachusetts Turnpike shortly afterwards. Now apparently someone working on Greer’s behalf is using Craigslist to find witnesses who saw the incident and are able to corroborate Greer’s version of the events. The message was posted just hours after Greer’s release from custody.

Greer has been charged in the East Boston District Court with assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and failure to stop for a police officer.

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So what is the most serious charge here? The assault and battery by with a dangerous weapon. This is a crime under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 15A. Under this case scenario a motor vehicle can constitute a dangerous weapon. A conviction for this crime can result in a state prison sentence of up to ten years if the case is indicted. If this case is kept in the District Court the maximum penalty is two and one half years in the house of correction. My guess is that this case will be continued without a finding and Greer might have to undergo some sort of counseling for anger.

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