Haverhill Massachusetts Police Arrest 5 In Connection With Cocaine Dealing

Haverhill, Massachusetts police along with other local law enforcement agencies arrested five people for drug dealing activities near the 99 Restaurant in Haverhill yesterday late afternoon. It was reported that Christen Agnew, Robert Condon, Julie Gill, Tina Brady and Alex Hernandez were all arrested. Agnew and Condon have been charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Class B and Conspiracy. Agnew has also been charged with Distribution of Cocaine along with a Motor Vehicle Crime. Gill and Brady were both charged with Possession of Cocaine, a Class B substance. Hernandez, a Lawrence, Massachusetts resident was picked up on an outstanding warrant for Trafficking Heroin. The cases are now pending in the Haverhill District Court.

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Charges of Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Possession and Distribution Filed Against 5 Locals Arrested In Haverhill

Suspicions regarding the legality of the stop and arrest always come to mind when reading articles like this one. What were the police doing in the parking lot? Were they conducting a surveillance, and if so, why? Were they involved in a controlled buy? Were they simply acting on a hunch? While the article does not address these concerns it would be safe to assume that this was not a chance encounter and that a motion to suppress will be filed on behalf of at least one of the defendants. If they recognized Alex Hernandez and knew that there existed a warrant for his trafficking activity they had every reason to arrest him. Not so however for the other four.

If Gill, Condon, Brady and Agnew do not have criminal records their cases might be resolved by continuing the cases without a finding in which case they will be placed on probation. If they successfully comply with their probationary terms the cases will be dismissed on a designated date. If they do have criminal records an Experienced Massachusetts Drug Defense Lawyer might be able to get the charges dismissed by challenging the legality of the arrest and search or perhaps challenging the sufficiency of the evidence.

Each of these defendants should have a lawyer who has handled these types of cases. The Law Offices of Stephen Neyman has defended hundreds of people accused of dealing drugs in Massachusetts and throughout the country. Call us now at 617-263-6800 or contact us online. You should not wait to get a lawyer. Act now by hiring a lawyer to protect you.