Framingham Massachusetts Woman Charged With Robbery, Prostitution After Trying To Rob Customer

Janelle Grasty of Framingham, Massachusetts was engaged in an act of Prostitution with Nev Lima, another Framingham resident. After consummating the act Lima went to pay Grasty. She accepted her fee and pulled a knife on him, demanding the rest of his money. Lima defended himself and was bitten in the process. At least that is the story Lima told the police. Grasty on the other hand claimed that the money was hers, all one thousand two hundred dollars of it. According to a police report the two were fighting in a hallway, naked when the police arrived. Both have been charged with criminal offenses out of the Framingham District Court as follows:

Janelle Grasty
Assault and Battery,
Armed Robbery

Nev Lima
Assault and Battery
Disorderly Conduct
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Framingham Sex Crimes Lawyer

So how is this case going to work out? A lot depends on what the police saw and more importantly whether anyone else witnessed this incident. According to the article the knife was found in a bathroom. Thus, it is difficult to determine who in fact is telling the truth here, at least about the Robbery allegation. It is true that prostitutes often get robbed. They also rob their customers. To prove the robbery allegation the prosecution will need a percipient witness. There is not one here. Here is another problem with this case from a prosecutorial point of view. Since both have been charged with criminal offenses it is probable that neither will be offering testimony against the other. Both Grasty and Lima will likely invoke their Fifth Amendment Privilege. That right, guaranteed by the United States Constitution provides that no one “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”. If Grasty and Lima decide to testify then they are waiving this privilege and, in the context of this case probably incriminating themselves. It would imprudent for either of them to do so, particularly where testifying truthfully would possibly result in an admission to the charges pending against them. The invocation of this privilege will make prosecuting this case virtually impossible. I would bet that the charges against these defendants get dismissed on the day of trial.

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