Framingham Massachusetts Man Rejected By Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Stalking, Kidnapping

Erick Garcia’s former girlfriend went to the police station last Thursday around 3:00 in the afternoon claiming that Garcia had committed several crimes against her including, Assault and Battery, Kidnapping, Stalking and Assault With a Dangerous Weapon after refusing to accept the couple’s breakup. The woman reported that Garcia drove up to her, and dragged her into his car at knifepoint. Garcia further threatened that if he ever found her with another man he would kill both of them. He then stabbed her car seat with the knife and threatened to kill her daughter. It is alleged that some of the Threats were made by text message. Garcia is being held without bail pending a Dangerousness Hearing. The Massachusetts man now stands charged with those crimes in the Framingham District Court.

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Domestic Violence Charges Issue Against Framingham, Massachusetts Man Unable To Accept Breakup

Crimes involving Domestic Violence in Massachusetts are taken very seriously. Many of the crimes with which Garcia has been charged are felonies. There is a good chance that this case will be prosecuted in the Superior Court. Almost any time allegations such as this are made judges tend to hold the defendant without bail and schedule a dangerousness hearing at the request of the district attorney. It is critical that people charged with crimes involving these types of charges Hire an Experienced Massachusetts Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer. Getting the right lawyer can help you get released with a bail or possibly on personal recognizance. It is equally important to hire a lawyer who has successfully defended cases like these.

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