Doctor Suspected Of Murdering Girlfriend In 1993 Indicted On Perjury Charges

In 1993 Dr. Linda Goudey was found murdered in her car parked in the Stoneham Hospital parking lot.  The cause of death was manual strangulation.  Her boyfriend at the time, Dr. Timothy Stryker has been a suspect in the killing ever since.  Today, in accordance with a press release issued by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office Stryker has been indicted on seven counts of subornation of perjury and two additional criminal counts. 

The press release reports that a in June of 2006 a civil jury returned a verdict of more than seven million dollars in favor of the Goudey family against the doctor for the wrongful death of Goudey.  Nine months later Stryker filed a motion for a new trial claiming that a witness saw Goudey shortly before she was killed with a blonde haired man who looked like Boomer Esiason and nothing like Stryker.  It took this witness thirteen years to come forward with this evidence. 

Later in 2007 the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office called this witness, Craig Pizzano to appear before a grand jury investigating the 1993 murder.  Pizzano conceded that he was engaged by Stryker and another to give this story.  Pizzano was supposed to receive money from Stryker for his efforts once the civil judgment was set aside.

Subornation of perjury is proscribed by G.L. c. 268 sec. 2.  It is satisfied when the prosecution proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant has procured the commission of perjury.  The crime of perjury is defined by G.L. c. 268 sec. 1. In Massachusetts the prosecution must do more than simply show that the defendant’s testimony was false.  It must also show that the false testimony was material to any matter under investigation by the grand jury.  See Commonwealth v. Kelley, 33 Mass.App.Ct. 934 (1992).   The penalties authorized for convictions of subornation of perjury are the same those applicable to perjury convictions. 

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