Criminal Charges In Store For Lawrence Massachusetts Man Carrying Firearm

Emmanuel Mieles of Lawrence, Massachusetts has been charged with carrying a firearm, possession of a firearm, resisting arrest, underage possession of alcohol and discharging a firearm within one hundred feet of a highway. The twenty year old Massachusetts resident was sought by police who were dispatched to a pizza restaurant. When officers arrived Mieles pulled out a handgun, fled the scene and was observed throwing the weapon over a fence. When Mieles was apprehended police detected an odor of alcohol on his breath. They also found a .22 caliber handgun with an expended casing remaining in the weapon.

Lawrence Massachusetts Man Facing Gun Charges

Of all the criminal charges Mieles is facing the most serious is the charge of carrying a firearm. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269 Section 10(a) is the governing statute in this case. A conviction of that statute requires a minimum mandatory eighteen month house of correction sentence. The charge of discharging a firearm within one hundred fifty feet of a highway carries a maximum thirty day sentence with no minimum. That charge will be difficult to prove if the prosecutor does not have any witnesses who can testify when and where the weapon was fired and that the defendant was the person who fired the weapon.

Massachusetts prosecutors all take gun cases very seriously and endeavor to obtain convictions that require anyone convicted to serve the minimum mandatory sentence.

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