Couple From Malden and Lynn Massachusetts Facing Sex Trafficking Charges in Federal Court

According to reports, David Minasian and Madonna Say, of Malden, Massachusetts and Lynn, Massachusetts respectively have both been charged with Sex Trafficking in the Massachusetts Federal Court in Boston. Authorities allege that in Chelsea Minasian met up with a fifteen year old female runaway who had recently left a treatment facility. Minasian offered the girl help. The three ultimately headed to Florida by car. On the way, Minasian gave the girl Marijuana, Alcohol and Drugs. He then offered the girl employment as a Prostitute. Minasian advertised the girl as an escort over the internet. Men in both Florida and Massachusetts responded to the ads. Minasian and Say have been charged with Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud or Coercion and Sex Trafficking of a Child. The case is being prosecuted in the Massachusetts Federal District Court.

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The defendants in this case were probably charged with a violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1591; Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud or Coercion. The statute states that anyone who transports someone, or receives a financial benefit from, or threatens or forces the person who is under the age of eighteen to engage in sex is guilty of this crime. The crime is a felony. If the victim is over the age of fourteen and under the age of eighteen the accused must serve a sentence of at least fifteen years in prison.

Laws like this one have been implemented by states throughout the country. In 2011, Massachusetts enacted a similar act. In essence, the Massachusetts legislation created a crime for Human Trafficking for Sexual Servitude. The law prohibits transporting, enticing or harboring another with purpose that that person engage in sexually explicit acts. A conviction for this offense in Massachusetts mandates five years in jail. There is a maximum twenty year sentence that can be imposed and fines of up to twenty five thousand dollars. Human Trafficking for Sexual Servitude that involves someone under the age of eighteen permits a judge to impose a life sentence after a conviction. The law proscribing this activity is Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 50. All states now have enacted some sort of Human Trafficking law that is modeled in large part after the federal law under which Minasian and Say are being prosecuted.

Successful defenses to these cases are difficult to establish. Even if the victim lies about his or her age the accused cannot use that as a defense. In cases where the internet was used to advertise services, the victim’s image will serve as corroborative evidence for the prosecution, even if the victim chooses not to testify.

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