Cocaine Trafficking Charges For Two Northborough Massachusetts Residents

Following a six month criminal investigation involving several Massachusetts law enforcement agencies two Northborough residents were arrested last week and charged with various drug related crimes. It was reported that either Edward Letourneau or Mary Anne Belanger, residents of Northborough were distributing cocaine from their home. When police made the arrests they found over fifty grams of crack cocaine, other drugs (Class E substances) and ammunition. Letourneau was charged with trafficking cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, possession of ammunition and conspiracy. Belanger was charged with conspiracy. Criminal charges against both defendants are pending in the Westborough District Court. Final jurisdiction of these charges will likely be in the Worcester Superior Court.

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Criminal Charges Filed Against Two Massachusetts Men Caught With Cocaine

Trafficking cocaine carries a minimum mandatory state prison sentence in Massachusetts. The threshold for trafficking cocaine is fourteen grams. When more than twenty eight grams and less than one hundred grams is alleged to be the amount trafficked the minimum mandatory sentence is five years. Conspiracy charges do not carry any mandatory period of incarceration. It appears that the police investigation centered on controlled purchases of cocaine either using undercover police officers and/or confidential informants. The article is silent as to whether the arrest was made pursuant to a warrant, after a controlled buy or during the execution of a search warrant.

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