Cocaine Investigation In Malden, Everett Leads To Three Arrests

A one month long investigation into cocaine dealing in Malden and Everett resulted in the arrest of three locals. According to reports Jennifer Verderber, 21, of Medford George Graef, 33, and John Mazzeo, 27, both of Everett, have been charged with various drug crimes. It is alleged that Mazzeo and Verderber drove to the other defendant’s home and obtained from him a package containing cocaine. The two were followed and seen engaging a a drug transaction after which they were arrested. Police then went back to Graef’s home where they located and seized sixty grams of cocaine, nearly three thousand dollars cash, drug paraphernalia and scales. Graef was also arrested and charged with drug crimes. Charges are now pending in the Malden District Court.

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The most serious charge all three might be facing is trafficking cocaine in excess of twenty eight grams, a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32E. The district courts in Massachusetts do not have jurisdiction over trafficking cases so the matter will likely be prosecuted in the Middlesex County Superior Court in Woburn. There is a five year minimum mandatory sentence for anyone convicted of that crime. Based on the article, this case presents some interesting issues involving search and seizure law. Questions that come to mind are 1) did the police utilize and informant in this case, 2) to whom did Verderber and Mazzeo distribute drugs and what is that person’s role in this investigation, if any, 3) what probable cause did the police have to enter Graeff’s house, or how did they in fact gain entry. All three of these defendants might have some very strong defenses to these charges.

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