Brockton Massachusetts Man Charged With Sexual Assaults At Quincy Library

Police have reported that Paul Mwaura, 27 of Brockton, Massachusetts is now charged with indecent assault and battery in the Quincy District Court. It is alleged that Mwaura groped two women at the Crane Library in Quincy. One woman told authorities that the defendant asked her to engage in sex for a fee in a library bathroom. When she declined he grabbed her after which she fled. The second woman reported that Mwaura was leaving the library while she was entering at which time he groped her and left the building.

2 Women Sexually Assaulted At Massachusetts Library

Indecent assault and battery is a sex crime and a felony in Massachusetts. It is punishable by up to five years in state prison. The statute prohibiting this act is Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 13H. To prove someone guilty of this crime the district attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt 1) that victim was at least fourteen years of age at the time of the alleged offense; 2) that the defendant committed an assault and battery on the alleged victim. Assault and battery is essentially the intentional touching of another person, without legal justification or excuse; 3) the assault and battery was “indecent” as that word is commonly understood, measured by common understanding and practices. An indecent act is one that is fundamentally offensive to contemporary standards of decency. An assault and battery is “indecent” if it involves touching portions of the anatomy commonly thought private, such as a person’s genital area or buttocks, or the breasts of a female; 4) that the alleged victim did not consent.

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