Bribery Charges Issue For Newton Man In Concord District Court

A 38 year old Newton man has been charged with soliciting payments from a developer in exchange for relaxing permit and inspection requirements.  The defendant, Paul Camilli faces charges of bribery in the Concord District Court.  A Middlesex County District Attorney press release said that Camilli was arraigned today on one count of a public employee accepting or receiving a bribe.  The private developer began a construction project in Maynard earlier this year.  The defendant is the Maynard superintendent of public works.  Apparently Camilli was making life difficult for the developer.  The developer asked what would get the project done.  Camilli responded that he was looking for cash.  Ultimately the developer paid thousands of dollars to get the necessary approvals.  The investigation was conducted with undercover law enforcement officials and surveillance videos.  Bail in the amount of $1,000 was imposed.  See Waltham Daily News, December 21, 2008.  See also Middlesex District Attorney press release December 22, 2008. 

Most likely Camilli was charged with violating Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A Section 2.  Subsection (b) of that law makes it a crime for any county, state or municipal employee to ask for or receive, directly or indirectly anything of value in return for 1) being influenced in his official capacity, 2) being influenced to commit a fraud on the state, municipality or county or 3) being induced to commit or omit acts in violation of his or her official duty.  A conviction for this offense carries a potential 3 year prison sentence and a $5,000 fine. 

This statute focuses on hindering the potential for the undermining of official integrity.  Even though the statute targets public officials, private citizens can be convicted if it is shown that they acted as an agent of the public official.  For instance, someone who acts as a “bag man’ for a public official can be convicted under this statute.  It is no defense that the bribe was not accepted. 

Attorney Stephen Neyman has represented public officials on charges like Camilli now faces.  If you want to discuss your criminal matter contact a Concord District Court criminal defense lawyer now.