Boston Massachusetts Man Charged With Selling Crack Cocaine To Undercover Quincy Cop

Quincy, Massachusetts police were likely tipped off that Randy Grant was selling crack cocaine. Somehow an undercover detective got Grant’s attention and arranged to buy drugs from him this past Saturday. The first deal was three bags of crack for sixty dollars. After the deal was consummated the detective arranged to get more drugs from Grant. It is reported that Grant offered to sell additional drugs at a lower price if the detective would agree to become a regular customer. Grant went to retrieve the drugs. When he returned to meet his buyer he was arrested. The charges are distribution of crack cocaine, a Class B substance in Massachusetts. The case is pending in the Quincy District Court.

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Quincy Massachusetts Detective Posing As Buyer Catches Boston Drug Dealer

Distribution of a Class B substance in Massachusetts is a crime in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32A. This crime is a felony. First time offenders can be sentenced for up to ten years if they are indicted on these charges and convicted in the Superior Court. Typically however these cases are prosecuted in the District Courts where the maximum sentence is two and one half years in the county house of correction. There is one concerning thing that comes to mind when reading this article. These acts supposedly took place on a basketball court. If that facility is part of a public park or playground or within one thousand feet from a school Grant is looking at a minimum mandatory two year house of correction sentence under the Massachusetts School Zone law.

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