Boston, Massachusetts Man Arrested On 1988 Cocaine Trafficking Case

In February 2008 31 year old Elias Efremidis was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine after police found 2 kilos of cocaine in his hotel room.  Also found in the room was $4,000, an electronic scale, a beeper and individual packages for the cocaine.  The defendant posted $25,000 bail and fled, defaulting on his pending case.  Recently, the Massachusetts man was found in Virginia where he was arrested on unrelated charges.  He is now 52 years old and he will be brought back to Massachusetts where he will have to defend against the 1988 cocaine charges as well as a charge of failing to appear after release on bail.  Efremidis is charged with trafficking over 200 grams of cocaine. 

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Drug trafficking is the most serious drug charge you can face in Massachusetts.  To prove someone guilty of cocaine trafficking the prosecution must show that the defendant possessed an illegal substance, in this case cocaine, that the person had the intent to distribute the cocaine and that the amount of cocaine exceeded a certain threshold.  In this case the defendant was charged with trafficking more than 200 grams of cocaine.  This is the most serious cocaine charge in Massachusetts.  There is a mandatory minimum 15 year state prison sentence that must be imposed on anyone who is convicted of this crime.  Sometimes in old cases such as this the drugs have inadvertently been lost or destroyed.  If that is the case the defendant might have a chance at defending against these charges. 

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