Boston Man Held on High Bail After Arraignment For Cocaine Trafficking in West Roxbury Court

Police in the Weymouth and Cohasset areas have made their third arrest as part of a lengthy investigation into Drug Dealing Activities in those Massachusetts communities. Enrique Camilo of Boston was arraigned in the West Roxbury District Court on charges of Trafficking in Cocaine, Second and Subsequent Offense. His bail has been set at one hundred thousand dollars. Camilo was arrested last week after authorities found just under a pound of cocaine in his home. The arrest and arraignment occurred on October 26, 2012, eight days after a Search Warrant was executed at Camilo’s home. The search revealed over four hundred grams of cocaine, some cutting agents and assorted Drug Paraphernalia. Materials in the home link Camilo to the dwelling however he was not present at the time of the search. Camilo is also being charged in Norfolk County for another Massachusetts Cocaine Trafficking Case that is unrelated to this matter. It is alleged that the drug trafficking activities originated in Boston and were consummated in Cohasset. Others charged with Cocaine Trafficking as a result of this investigation are Gabriel Martinez and Rafael Torres. Martinez is from Dorchester.

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Any Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer will tell you that he or she loves a case like this one. Whenever a Search Warrant is executed at a home at a time when the defendant is not present there is a real chance that a jury can be convinced to acquit the defendant. Jurors want significant proof before they convict someone of a major crime. And yes, Drug Trafficking in Massachusetts is a major crime. Jurors know this. They know that drug trafficking convictions implicate mandatory minimum jail sentences. As such, juries want proof that the accused committed the crime for which he stands trial. They want fingerprints or DNA on the drugs or on the Drug Paraphernalia. The district attorney will likely have papers found in the home linking the accused to the property. But in all likelihood there will be ample evidence that others lived in or had access to the home. Utility bills, rental agreements, mail, personal effects, clothing and things of that nature will not all point to the defendant as the person responsible for trafficking these drugs. If the prosecution has evidence that the defendant was observed engaging in what are believed to be drug activities around the time the warrant was issued the jury will wonder why he was not arrested at that time. This concern often leads to not guilty verdicts. The failure to arrest suspects in drug cases at the time of the crime can be fatal to the prosecutor’s case. The delay between finding the drugs and arresting the defendant works to the defendant’s advantage in this situation.

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