Beverly Massachusetts Man Held Without Bail Pending Dangerousness Hearing On Domestic Assault Case After Beating, Throwing Pizza At Girlfriend

Just after midnight yesterday Beverly, Massachusetts police were called by a woman claiming that her boyfriend had beaten. The woman reported that she and Craig Blum, the defendant got into an argument. Blum then threw a pizza at her, shoved her, hit her and tried to strangle her. Blum was outside of the home when the officers arrived. He told the police that his girlfriend was out of control. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. It is alleged that she suffered injuries to her arms, legs, neck and body, all of which were photographed. The prosecutor moved for detention pending a dangerousness hearing. Blum is being prosecuted in the Salem District Court. He currently faces charges of Domestic Assault and Battery, Attempted Murder, Intimidation of a Witness and Threatening to Commit a Crime.

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When reading this article I immediately noticed that Blum’s lawyer argued that he acted in self-defense. At first blush one would think this is unlikely. The police respond to a call, find a woman crying hysterically, visibly bruised and complaining that her boyfriend beat her. That seems pretty bad for Blum right? Well maybe not. Most Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers have defended Domestic Assault and Battery Cases where the “victim” was the actual aggressor and the defendant who usually happens to be male acts solely to defend himself. This may include grabbing the woman to prevent her from continuing her assault or subduing her for that same purpose. Keep in mind that in Massachusetts and in most other states a person is allowed to act in self defense and it is the obligation of the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not act in self defense. To prove that someone did not act in self defense the prosecutor must show either:

1. That the defendant did not reasonably believe he was being attacked or immediately about to be attacked, and that his safety was in immediate danger; or
2. That the defendant did not do everything reasonable in the circumstances to avoid physical combat before resorting to force; or
3. That the defendant used more force to defend himself than was reasonably necessary in the circumstances.

Blum’s lawyer is probably going to want to know where the pizza was found. If it was thrown at the woman as she claims one would expect to find it splattered on a wall or across the room where it was allegedly thrown. Did the police photograph this piece of evidence? Was the woman covered with pizza? How far was Blum from her when he allegedly threw the pizza? What did the neighbors hear, if anything? Were there any other witnesses to this incident?

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