Assault And Battery Charges For One Of Two Massachusetts Women Who Fight Over Man In Salem District Court

Both Katy Kartalias and Rachel Lord claimed the title of being Gary Lee Farnham’s girlfriend. Kartalias found out about Lord when the latter called to inform her that she was seeing Farnham. So what does Karalias do? She confronts Farnham who supposedly responds by assaulting her. So yesterday Farnham ends up in the Salem District Court for arraignment on his new case. Kartalias decides to go along as well. And guess who else is there? Yes, you are right, Rachel Lord. When Kartalias figures out who she is she sits down next to her. The judge eventually decides to hold Farnham in custody. When that decision is announced Lord made a comment. Perhaps taking exception Kartalias sucker punches Lord in a packed courtroom. The festivities continue as Lord pulls a clump of Kartalias’ hair out. Both women are placed into custody. Eventually, only Kartalias is charged. The counts are assault and battery and disrupting a court proceeding. Kartalias is already on probation and is now facing a probation violation hearing.

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Massachusetts Courtroom Fight Lands Woman In Jail

Disruption of court proceedings is a crime pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268 Section 13C. The law states that anyone who “causes or actively participates in the willful disruption of proceedings” and is convicted of that crime may be imprisoned by up to a year in jail. The crime is a misdemeanor. The assault and battery charge is also a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to two and one half years in the house of correction.

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