Arrest Warrant Issues For Salisbury, Massachusetts Man, Array of Violent Crimes Complaints to Issue in Newburyport

According to a report in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune Michael O’Connor of Salisbury, Massachusetts broke into his former girlfriend’s home this past Sunday. He allegedly attacked her and injured someone else who was present at the time. The injured party did not seek medical attention. The twenty four year old suspect is going to be charged with Domestic Assault and Battery, Malicious Destruction to Property Over $250, Malicious Destruction to Property Under $250, Breaking and Entering and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. Unless the district attorney opts to indict this case it will be prosecuted in the Newburyport District Court.

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As a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney here is something I thought interesting about the article. The police chief commented on this case and stated that O’Connor is not someone the “the public has to fear”. I understand the context of the comment to have centered on the act being one other than random and that the victim in this case was the intended target. Nevertheless, the sentiment appears favorable to the defendant and might have some influence on a resolution of this case. The suggestion is that the incident was isolated. If O’Connor has a job and no remarkable criminal record there might be an opportunity to resolve this case short of trial and in a way that will preserve his liberty.

Criminal defense lawyers know that accusations of Domestic Assault and Battery are often reported as being more dramatic than they actually were. Cases that are initially viewed as very serious can take on a different look once they are thoroughly investigated. Exaggerations get exposed. Defenses take shape. The accused no longer looks as bad as he once did in the eyes of law enforcement. Prosecutors in Massachusetts tend to charge the accused with every crime they believe has been committed. For instance, O’Connor has been charged with six or seven crimes. Usually a resolution of a criminal case contemplates the dismissal of some of the charges or the reduction of the charges to something more innocuous. Repetitive crimes might be dismissed or nolle prossed. Felonies might be reduced to misdemeanors. The more serious crimes, if not dismissed or reduced might be continued without a finding to spare a young person the stigma or collateral problems associated with felony convictions. The point is that someone in this position should not despair. Rather, they should hire an experience lawyer who is able to help them avoid a criminal conviction.

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