Bridgewater Massachusetts Man Charged With Distribution Of Drugs In A School Zone After Employer Calls Police

Casey Sorrentino of Whitman, Massachusetts and Brandon Welliver of Bridgewater, Massachusetts work together. Last Friday a manager at their place of employment saw the two exchanging money for a package of cigarettes. The manager claims to somehow have obtained possession of the cigarette package and found two percocet pills inside. He then called the police. Sorrentino was charged with possession of a Class B substance. Welliver was charged with Distribution of a Class B substance and a school zone violation. Charges will likely issue in the Hingham District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Who Sells Percocets To Co-Worker Charged With School Zone Violation

The Massachusetts school zone statute mandates that anyone who possesses drugs with the intent to distribute them within one thousand feet of a school zone or actually distributes drugs within one thousand feet of a school zone must serve at least two years in the house of correction. Even if Welliver has no criminal record he must be sentenced to jail time if he is convicted of this crime. Usually district attorneys will break these cases down if the defendant has no criminal record and allow him to plead to a lesser offense. If the person has a prior conviction, particularly one for drug offenses then the prosecution will likely seek enforcement of the statute. What strikes me as interesting about this case is how the employer actually obtained the cigarette package. It would be unrealistic to assume that Sorrentino simply gave it to him. So what was he doing going through her property? Additionally, it makes no sense that Welliver would place two percocet pills in a cigarette package. Why not just hand them to Sorrentino discreteley? It appears that there is more to this case than was reported and perhaps Welliver and Sorrentino have good defenses to these charges.

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